Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements for running the vimacc®software depend on several project-specific factors and thus cannot be generally determined. The simultaneously decoding and displaying of video images of several cameras in top quality and at high resolution in particular determines the hardware to be used, such as the processor and the working memory size. In addition, certain settings of a video source like GOP size during decoding have a direct influence on the working memory required to decode and play back videos.

The number of video streams that can be simultaneously decoded and smoothly played back on a certain hardware can only be determined approximately taken into account all project-specific technical constraints. Here, the processor employed is of vital importance for the overall performance of the system.

The vimacc®software components to be installed on the respective hardware (streaming server, workstation, display locations) have to be considered as well as the different functions have quite different requirements. The minimum requirements for vimacc®clients (workstation, display server, interface) defined by Accellence can be found [here]

For operating vimacc®in virtual environments, the data volume to be processed at the decoder output must be especially taken into account. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.


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