Why vimacc


vimacc® is a powerful video management software that features various integration options.

Some reason why you should consider vimacc®:


  • The Right System for Any Size
    vimacc®is available as Professional, Enterprise, Embedded, and Multisite edition and thus suitable for your various applications. This means, no matter whether you are looking for a stand-alone PC system, a highly integrated on-site solution or a hierarchically organised network solution, there will always be a vimacc®solution that fits the bill.

  • All-around Data Protection
    vimacc®enables data encryption from source to client as well as for data exports. Due to its hybrid encryption method made up of a combination of RSA and AES, vimacc®fulfils highest requirements when it comes to data security and minimal use of resources.

  • Flexible Implementation
    When implementing your solution you can focus on optimizing your maintenance processes and total costs of ownership. vimacc®adapts to your organisation. It runs on your selected hardware and can also be used on virtual systems in data centers.

  • Operating System Independence
    vimacc®is supported by Windows and Linux. You can choose from different versions. Thus, you can run vimacc®on your favourite operating system.

  • Easy Integration in Existing Risk Management Solutions
    You may also use vimacc®as a stand-alone system. However, you can also use it as fully integrated subsystem of a superior control or risk management system. Due to vimacc®'s various interface and integration options, you will definitely get a solution that best suits your requirements.

  • Accellence – a Competent and Reliable Partner
    We have been developing digital video management solutions based on our products and/or according to customer specifications since 15 years. This enables us to always provide contemporary, efficient and powerful solutions that meet your requirements.

So, if you need specific vimacc adaptions or enhancements or if you require support for an optimized usage and maintenance,

                               vimacc®is software “Made in Germany”.

Competent software and project engineers provide technical assistance, whenever needed.



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