Videomanagement für Parkhäuser auf unserer bewährten EBÜS Technologie

Almost all multi-storey car parks are equipped with video surveillance systems in order to ensure a sufficient level of security. Over the years most car park operators have “accumulated” a range of systems from different manufacturers. These systems are connected via ISDN or via DSL to a central control room. One reason for the numerous systems in use is that car parks are often taken over or sold off. Therefore, the number of different systems per car park operator increases constantly, unless they are willing to invest a large amount of money to modificate systems or purchase new ones.  

This is where vimacc-P from accellence applies:

vimacc-P enables car park operators to connect and operate the various different video surveillance systems in their multi-storey car parks via the control room. No expensive modifications or replacements of video systems are required. What´s more, vimacc-P can be operated in conjunction with existing communication systems.

In this context, accellence has created a certified interface in cooperation with the company Schneider Intercom GmbH, thus establishing a connection to the communication system of this company, which is in use in numerous multi-storey car parks. The Schneider Intercom system controls vimacc-P by forwarding any messages it receives to the interface. The interface analyses the messages and then determines which camera should be displayed on which vimacc-P monitor/workstation. An additional data-recall workstation can be used to view and analyse the stored video images.

The video surveillance solution vimacc-P  for multi-storey car parks, was developed - among others - in cooperation with the company SMH Automations- und Überwachungssysteme. vimacc-P is based on a number of tried-and-tested elements from DiMap, Accellence’s video management technology. It already has been used in the product EBÜS, which many police, emergency and service control centres rely on.

vimacc-P includes a powerful user management tool and a wide range of configuration options, which enable it to be customised in line with the different requirements of car park operators. Numerous additional modules are available for extending the functionality of the system. Furthermore, additional individual customer requirements can be implemented at any time by our developers.

A list containing currently supported video systems can be found here.
Other systems can be integrated, if required.


General Technical Specifications


By utilising Accellence’s video management technology (which is well-known because of the product “EBÜS” for police / emergency and service control centres), car park operators will in future be able to activate and operate different video systems in various car parks by one single video management system. Existing video surveillance systems would no longer need to be replaced when a multi-storey car park is taken over, as vimacc-P supports all commercially available video systems.  Furthermore, employees will only need to receive training for a single system, but will be able to operate all systems in use by the car park operator. The cameras are activated and displayed on the monitors automatically, controlled via the Schneider Intercom (S-I) system.


Technical and functional specifications

1. vimacc-P is controlled via the Schneider Intercom system, i.e. the Schneider Intercom system informs vimacc-P as to which camera should be displayed on which monitor using the Schneider Intercom interface (S-I interface), which was developed by Accellence. The S-I interface therefore analyses these messages.

2. vimacc-P displays one live image stream on each video workstation from the camera selected by the Schneider Intercom system for the workstation in question. A workstation consists of one PC, on which the vimacc-P software is installed, and one monitor.

3. On additional viewing monitors, of so-called "viewin units" it will be possible to select one live image stream from any camera in any of the company’s car parks. These monitors are connected to a separate PC with the vimacc-P software and thus form these viewing units.

4. A separate data-recall workstation with an operable user interface is used to search through the stored images. This workstation can also be used to determine which camera should be displayed on which viewing monitor (management function).

5. IP cameras, e.g. from AXIS or Mobotix, as well as cameras connected to digital video recorders or encoders, e.g. from HeiTel, Geutebrück, Bosch, can be used to provide images. A list of currently supported video systems can be found in our video systems list “Bildquellenliste.pdf” .

6. An extension to vimacc-P is currently being planned, which will provide a textbox feature that will enable text to be entered and displayed for each individual camera. This extension will need to be requested separately.

Scope of delivery

For the solution described above we provide the application software packages that are required by the S-I interface. We also offer all necessary consulting, planning and training services for the particular customization of the video management system.


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