Our security technology and video surveillance products are based on accellence-developed DiMap technology, which allows different system components from various manufacturers to be integrated into a single video transmission and management system in a highly efficient manner.
Our video management software is thus able to use a single user interface to operate any number of video sources from different manufacturers and to display, archive, and edit the transmitted data. It is also capable of using all communication channels (e. g. ISDN, DSL, LAN/WAN). 

Our video management software, EBÜS, offer alarm processing capabilities used for emergency services and control centers. The vimacc video management software has been developed for security control centres of large premises and our virtual media crossbar ViMeX enables the efficient implementation of video management functions in various technical environments.

Our goal is to consistently provide our customers with solutions that are custom-tailored to their needs in order to lower their operating costs, as well as to simplify and optimize their workflows.


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