Audio & Video

  • We have a strong track record of devising audio and video transmission solutions via IP-based networks
  • We are experts on audio and video standards and codecs
  • We integrate cameras and recorders by various manufacturers into a unified video system
  • We provide for high-performance storage and playback of video and audio stream data
  • Our team is highly proficient in video analysis and AI

Right from the outset, video security technology was one of the main focus areas of Accellence Technologies, and more than twenty years later, it still is.

When our then small team of dedicated video technology experts first entered the video security sector in the year 2000, we did so by pioneering leading IP-based security solutions in a field that at the time was still dominated by analogue CCTV surveillance. The video security software solution we devised for part of Hanover main train station, to name just one example, was one of the first of its kind.

We are experts on audio and video standards and codecs, as well as very proficient in providing high-performance storage and playback option of video and audio stream data. Consequently, the manufacturer-independent integration of cameras and recorders is one of our work’s main focus areas. The expertise we gained here also served as the starting point for the development of our video security products EBÜS und vimacc. The emerging fields of video analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) are of increasing relevance to our work in this area as well.

Today, our audio and video services are twofold: We realise customer-specific video security solutions by way of integrating our products with our clients’ system environment, and we develop bespoke video security solutions according to our clients’ needs.

Interested to learn more about some of these? Please let us refer you to our projects. Or get in touch to discuss any audio and video related project – we would love to hear from you.


  • Object-oriented SCADA system
  • Accellence Technologies is a WinCC OA premium solution partner of the ETM professional control GmbH
  • We offer the development of highly customised applications to meet our clients’ specific needs, utilising WinCC OA as solution platform
  • An efficient, scalable solution platform that is suited to small as well as large plants
  • Facilitates ideal solutions for diverse infrastructure projects

Deploying our video security solutions in large joint projects frequently necessitates a close interaction between these and SCADA systems (Signal Control and Data Acquisition).

That is why we, already more than ten years ago now, integrated our video products with the SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture (WinCC OA) developed by the German multinational conglomerate company Siemens AG. 

The integration of our video application vimacc with Siemens’ solution platform added video capabilities to the latter, resulting in an efficient, scalable platform with a capacity for video management that is well suited for small as well as large plants. 
The project was influential also in adding WinCC OA services to our software service portfolio: Deploying our video management system in the context of WinCC OA extended our SCADA team’s competences further, by adding our expertise for the design-in of SCADA with our without video. 

The main focus of our software services lies in the development of bespoke solutions which meet our clients’ often highly specific needs. At present, we boast a pool of more than twenty staff members, who between themselves cover the different aspects of software architecture, API, security, testing etc.

This makes Accellence Technologies an ideal choice for the development of solutions involving object-oriented SCADA systems in general, and WinCC OA specifically - as further evidenced by our being a certified WinCC OA premium solution partner. Learn more about our WinCC OA-related work by viewing our projects.


  • We create optimal interfaces and access options
  • We integrate software and hardware systems according to our customers’ specific needs
  • We place special emphasis on usability and User Interface Design
  • Embedded programming
  • API programming

The creation of optimal interfaces and access options for integrating different subsystems into complex software solutions was one of the early focus areas of Accellence Technologies, and is reflected in its choice of name, even – which stands for ‘Access Technologies and Excellence’. It continues to be one of our strong suits, service-wise. 

But our products, too, profit from our outstanding competence in this area. Take EBÜS, for example – our product solution for alarm receiving centres, which allows you to connect more than 100 third-party systems at the touch of a button. And vimacc, our video management system, not only allows for true end-to-end encryption by way of integration of various manufacturers’ cameras, but also offers optimised interfaces for various SCADA systems and other subsystems. Naturally, this means that our video security software frequently is not simply used as a stand-alone product, but that we integrate it, at our clients’ behest, efficiently into complex systems. Learn more about some of our systems integration work by viewing our projects.

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