Industry sectors

Traffic and transport


  • Our video management software vimacc is a bespoke video security solution for traffic and transport.
  • vimacc functions as a product component of the Simatic WinCC Open Architecture software (WinCC OA).
  • vimacc and WinCC OA’s flexibility allows for the realisation of very complex SCADA (System Control and Data Acquisition) solutions
  • This includes, for example, use in rail transport, in the operation of locks or in local public transport. 

Traffic control systems, traffic route controls and the monitoring of transport form components of traffic and transport security. With these in mind, our team here at the accellence has developed the video management system vimacc. vimacc is integrated with Simatic WinCC Open Architecture (WinCC OA), a SCADA system developed by Siemens. Using vimacc and WinCC OA as a basis, we offer our customers bespoke solutions which guarantee a safe/secure operation.  

Both in Germany and internationally, tunnel control centres employ this software, irrespective of their operating a single tunnel with a dozen cameras in the rural countryside or a multitude of traffic tunnels in a European metropolis with a total of 3600 cameras. Airports, too, make use of vimacc and WinCC OA. So-called automated guideway transit (AGT) systems or driverless ‘Airport Connectors’ are increasingly being used to connect local public transport systems to large international airports or to transport passengers from one part of the airport to another. These vehicle systems, controlled by means of video traffic route controls are referred to as ‘driverless’ as they are fully automated, with the employed vehicles driving from station to station autonomously. The traffic system’s video control centre relies on our video management software vimacc to monitor and control the guideways and the cars’ interior spaces.

A further traffic sector that makes use of vimacc/WinCC OA is that of inland waterways. Locks’ entries and exits have made use of video security since some time already. Locks located in parts of the Mittelland Canal, for example, are monitored and controlled from a control centre, which is equipped with both the SCADA system WinCC OA, for controlling the lock system, and, integrated with it, our video management system vimacc, for visualisation and monitoring.

Safety and high availability are major concerns for long-distance rail transport services. Here, too, our team at the accellence has a track record of developing solutions involving WinCC OA. More specifically, we, acting as part of the development team of our client Siemens, employed our WinCC OA expertise to develop a diagnostic system that may be used in very large distributed systems, and is thus ideally suited to its application in railway infrastructure systems. 

These are some of the many examples for traffic and transport projects our team at accellence was and is involved in. 

Buildings and sites security


  • Building security requires bespoke technical solutions.
  • Video security comprises an essential part of building security.
  • Our team offers excellent expertise and long-standing experience when it comes to the design-in of video security solutions.

Building security is required in various areas: in residential neighbourhoods, on industrial sites, in office buildings, individual buildings with special security requirements, and in the supervision of construction sites. Video surveillance performs very efficiently in all of these. The use of a suitable video management system makes it possible to survey even extensive objects ‘at a glance’ to detect potential security risks. Particular examples for applications that our team helped develop security solutions for include the control of shipping locks’ risk areas, the surveillance of whole production plants on an industrial site and monitoring routes on public transport systems.

Building security requires a video management system which not only manages live image capture and transmission, but also assists the operator with addressing situations and initiating appropriate security measures. In addition, it needs to provide the functionality for an efficient and comfortable evaluation, retrospectively, of security incidents. This is vital for the review of a security incident after it has occurred, and to analyse and reconstruct its emergence and cause. 

Vimacc, EBÜS and WinCC OA are three highly specialised software systems, which are ideally suited for all types of characteristic building security applications. All three systems benefit from very different video surveillance features, and together they cover a wide range of useful visualisation tools for Physical Security Information Management (PSIM).

  • vimacc - video management system
  • WinCC OA video – process visualisation platform, SCADA system offering integrated video management functionality
  • EBÜS – Alarm Receiving Centre video application

With all of the above, accellence offers excellent product expertise – after all, we developed vimacc and EBÜS –, exceptional competence when it comes to their design-in, and long-standing user knowledge.

Pharmaceutical industry


  • Pharmaceutical facilities make highly specific demands on security technology.
  • The appropriate security system needs to address a multitude of factors.
  • Our video management software vimacc is easy to integrate with a control centre and to customise so as to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

The pharmaceutical, just like the biotechnology industry, makes highly specific demands on security technology. 

Think of the oftentimes extensive industrial areas with their diverse and complex arrangement of plants, or the sophisticated chemical procedures that need surveying, and this is immediately evident. It is compounded by the large number of legal requirements that need to be fulfilled. Add to this occupational safety, system monitoring and other safety-related aspects, and you will have an idea of the multitude of factors a suitable security system needs to address. All of the above aspects are monitored in a security control centre equipped with a control centre software.

We offer integrated video security solutions, in most cases using our video management software product vimacc as a basis. A case in point: The Merck Project. With the help of our video management software vimacc, the control centre was afforded access to over 830 cameras situated across the site, and accordingly had to process up to 830 video streams simultaneously. Conventional IT networks would not have been able to process these. This is why we, in collaboration with the hardware supplier, also designed the complete network architecture from scratch.

Biotechnology industry


  • The biotechnology industry is undergoing a technical transformation, increasingly exchanging large and bulky for small and smart production systems (bioreactors).
  • Our development teams assist you in the development of software solutions on the basis of WinCC OA.

The biotechnology has for many years been undergoing a process of continuous change. It is reflected in a move away from large plants producing biochemical products and towards properly small, compact, nearly portable ‘smart’ production systems, the so-called bioreactors. They are considered ‘smart’ production systems since their various system components, ranging from highly integrated process control hardware to state-of-the-art touch panels, are controlled centrally by means of special software applications. 

We, here at the accellence, possess a particular expertise in the development of appropriate software solutions on the basis of WinCC OA, which we would like our clients to benefit from - whether that means developing the whole software solution for them or assisting our clients’ development team.

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